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Does my boat look big in this! A drone video adventure!

It's Saturday 10am and we are sat enjoying breakfast at Sage Biscuit in Bradenton and the phone rings. It's one of our favorite luxury real estate agents Suzy Kolaz from Keller Williams on the water luxury division.

Kev "I need your help" she proclaims! "I have a buyer ready to go under contract on a 2 million dollar property in Siesta Key but he was calling from Sarasota airport as he had to fly back to his Las Vegas home. Before he commits on the property he wants to know what route he would take to get his boat from the property out through the intracoastal waterways into the Gulf of Mexico".

The perfect job for our drone videographer

We finished our breakfast and headed over to Siesta Key, it was important for the real estate agent to strike while the iron was hot and get this home under contract so we were happy to jump in the car and get the drone in the air!

Meanwhile Suzy used our booking system to quickly and easily purchase our Drone photography and video package for $195 which she paid for online.

We headed over to the property with a clear mission in mind, although Michael Saunders & Company who listed the property had some great photography they lacked detail for the boat dock and water access so we concentrated on these features of the property. It was also important for the buyer to be able to see what bridges were in between the home and the gulf, that being said we ended up flying around and finding a completely uninterrupted route out to the gulf. This was music to the buyers ears and sealed the deal as it meant he didn't have to worry about the size of his boat fitting under the bridges of Siesta Key waterways.

Here is the final video of the best route for his boat, we even fell upon some bridge jumpers (3:13 into the video) during our flight which was a nice treat for the buyers to see and really sold the island life of Siesta Key and the beautiful gulf coast!

Please bear in mind, speed of delivery was the most important thing with this video so it was barely edited and color graded so it's no where near the quality of the real estate videos we normally deliver but the purpose of the video in this case was very different. The buyer loved the video and gave him the confidence to move forward on the property earning our real estate agent a nice luxury sized commission check....mission accomplished!!

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